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Mental Health for Counselling Professionals, First Responders and Frontline Workers

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Mental Health Counselling and Therapy For Professionals

"It is the nature of our work that can make us particularly vulnerable [to mental health issues]"
writes one of my clients.

When you no longer manage to hold it all together, where do professionals, frontline staff and first responders find the support they need? Counselling professionals come in a variety of flavors: social workers, therapists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, lawyers, and many more; all regular people with human needs.

When counselling professionals need support, the lack of available, appropriate options can leave us feeling like we need to keep pretending that we've got it all together and "soldier on", often for fear of letting our clients, our reputation or ourselves down. Others should be shielded from our personal issues and we pretend as if we have our lives figured out. The rules of our profession force us to keep much of our personal experience concealed, which can lead to mental struggle and even trauma for us over time.

Confiding in friends or partners risks breaching ethics, our supervisor could react punitively or instructivly. What we truly need is support - a safe space where we can work with our own issues and the mental fall-out of our work. 

I provide a new approach to counselling professionals; an approach that supports mental health counselling; beyond supervision - beyond therapy. 

"Because of you, I stand bathed in light, in a universe of infinite possibilities. Through your genuine concern, skills and unique therapeutic approach to personal development, you have given me the skills and understanding to achieve a future of my own choice and creation"


Who Are My Clients

I work with professionals from the helping professions. This includes psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, counsellors, life coaches, medical doctors, emergency physicians, nurses, teachers, lawyers, police officers, EMS and other first responders, mental health counselling for psychiatrist etc. As a counsellor, I have worked with professionals who feel overwhelmed and need someone to talk to about their own challenges.

Previous clients include: 

  • a psychologist who is burnt-out and is struggling with ‘the meaning of life’
  • a marriage counsellor who is struggling with their own marriage
  • a psychiatrist who is addicted to street drugs
  • a social worker who ‘crossed the line’ with a client in a shelter
  • a social worker struggling with their partner's gender expression
  • a medical professional struggling with acceptance of race diversity
  • a lawyer struggling with ethics in his own practice
  • a highly visible (public) lawyer's indiscretion with a politician
  • another lawyer wanting to reconnect with their spouse
  • a business coach experiencing burn-out
  • a nurse practitioner struggling with violence at home
  • an emergency physician dealing with infidelity
  • a life coach struggling with his children
  • a police officer struggling with aggression
  • a public figure (entertainer) struggling with accusations of inappropriate behaviour
  • and many more ...

Some of the specific areas I cover are:

  • Mood disorders (anxiety, depression, bi-polar, anger)
  • Personality disorders (narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder)
  • Adjustment (grieving)
  • Stress related (sleep, burn-out, compassion fatigue, apathy, motivation)
  • Relationship (break-up prevention, relationship coaching, intimacy building, trust repair, infidelity
  • Functional (sex, sleep)
  • Spiritual (unhappiness, personal growth, meaning of life) 

Counselling Therapists

Mental Health Counselling for Professionals, Frontline and First Responders

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