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Please note that most Extended Health Insurance plans do NOT cover "Counselling Psychotherapy", pleasee click here for further information

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How Many Sessions?

I am often asked how many sessions it takes. The official answer is: "That depends on many factors". While this is the correct answer, most individuals come and see me for a brief period of time (12-26 sessions / 3-6 months) and most couples see me for even less time. In comparison, this is largely due to experience and approach.

Before you begin working with someone, please decide for yourself how comfortable you are with their experience and approach. A Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Psychotherapist with a few years of supervised experience is clearly different than a Counsellor with over 20 years of direct client contact experience from private practice. (experience counts towards efficiency, competency and how many sessions you will need to reach your therapy goals)

Are sessions covered by insurance?

Psychotherapy is becoming more and more covered under Extended Health Plans. Unfortunately, "Counselling Psychotherapy" is reserved for only the most extensive plans. Most Extended Health Plans cover Psychologists, Social Workers and some Registered Psychotherapists but not Counsellors or Coaches.

I would encourage you to compare the total cost of your journey before deciding if you want insurance coverage.

If your health-plan covers only the first 3 sessions and you need to see someone for 6-9 months, you will need to pay the remaining 34 sessions 'out of pocket' at their full rate.

Are Sessions Tax Deductible?

For self-employed people: Your sessions may be considered 'Business Coaching' or 'Management Training' which would be tax deductible for income tax and HST and require an Invoice/Receipt with HST number.

No-Show and Cancelled sessions are charged at $50.

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