Mental Health

People entering the helping professions are often moved to do this work because of personal experiences with mental, emotional or health struggles. Finding purpose in our work often comes from knowing first hand, the pain we help to alleviate in others.

I focus on: mood disorders (anxiety, depression, bi-polar, anger), personality disorders (narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder), adjustment (grieving), stress related (sleep, burn-out, apathy), relationship, functional (sex, sleep), spiritual (unhappiness, personal growth, meaning of life).

I use a three-pronged approach (understand, embody, relate), guiding clients through cumulative breakthroughs, self-discovery and exercises that lead to discoveries of who we are in relation to others and the world around them.

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Healing Relationships

Is your work affecting your relationships? Do you feel like you bring your work home with you? Have your loved ones told you that you seem distracted or unavailable? We focus on creating solutions that work for you and your relationships, emphasizing safe, loving and respectful approaches to building deeper and more fulfilling connection, whether friendships, romantic relationships or family.

Marriage Counselling and Break-up Prevention:

Marriage counselling is a tool you and your partner can use to create a new, functioning marriage for you both. But not all marriage counsellors use the same approach. You need to find a counselling approach that matches where you want to go.

Instead of marriage therapy that ends up in complaining about each-other, wouldn't you rather learn how to create a working relationship where both partners communicate openly and feel accepted and respected?

When you come to work with me (alone or with your partner), I keep you (both) focused on creating solutions that work for you both and are in harmony with how you want your relationship to be. This is a time-proven approach that brings people together to a new understanding and creates a safe, loving, respectful relationship.

My goal is to create rapid change to keep you interested and motivated, yet comprehensive enough so you can continue to work together in the future, without the use of a therapist.

For more information on my approach, please look at: Marriage Counselling and Break-up Prevention

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Healing Secondary Trauma

Secondary or vicarious trauma happens when counselling professionals become affected by their clients’ trauma. Over time, internalising secondary trauma can lead to an emotional residue that eats at us, weighs us down, renders us ineffective as caregivers and can drain our lives of joy. 

Those who work in helping or counselling professions are especially vulnerable due to the mental demands of their jobs. Helping to heal others can bring great meaning to our lives, but we must maintain a level of emotional resilience to be able to reliably hold a space for our clients. 

Secondary trauma can lead to emotional and spiritual scarcity and it’s only a matter of time before we must find support for ourselves. 

I specialise in mental health concerns of counselling professionals therapists, first responders and frontline workers.

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Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

A client writes: "Because of you, I stand bathed in light, in a universe of infinite possibilities. Through your genuine concern, skills and unique therapeutic approach to personal development, you have given me the skills and understanding to achieve a future of my own choice and creation"

The Path Within® Program provides a modular and comprehensive method to explore and discover your life's path. It’s much more than Life Coaching.

The Path Within® Program helps you to discover how you interact and communicate with your environment, your relationships and most importantly yourself. This program is uniquely different from other Personal Development Programs because it deals with much more in-depth topics—specifically adapted to your personal situation.

As you grow through this program, you discover yourself and your strengths. You develop the tools and strategies to be an Authentic Autonomous Being; to love and respect yourself and others you care for. Your interactions and communications create clarity and peace, rather than confusion and conflict.

The Soul Coaching program modules of The Path Within® Program are uniquely suited for gaining insight into our life's purpose and spiritual path. For most clients this means deep self-discovery and soul work, including Past Life Regression, Soul Circle Reconnection, Soul Retrieval and ultra deep core work for peace, harmony and self-actualization.

Live an autonomous and authentic life with nurturing and fulfilling relationships.

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Stress, Burn-out, Compassion Fatigue

Do you feel frustrated with your work/life balance, suffer from a lack of sleep or general sense of overwhelm? These symptoms can indicate stress, burn-out, compassion fatigue, lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating, brain fog, preoccupation, and other issues, leading to errors, omissions and difficulty providing the duty of care you would come to expect from a professional. Secondary problems arise such as depression, anxiety, family and relationship troubles.

Proper and structured self-care is essential to maintaining our ability to be present for our clients when we need to be. Only once we feel a sense of wellness can we create a better balance in our life.We need togive ourselves permission to relax and exhale, we can work through the secondary problems to restore (and maintain) stability in a more rewarding work/life balance.

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Emotional Support

It can be hard to find someone who can be a sounding board and emotional aid without bias. Frustration, guilt, regret with ourselves as well as feelings for our clients are a normal experience for professional healers. Our training is often theoretical regarding these matters and there’s nothing to prepare you for the impact of reality (when it happens to you).

These situations can cause emotional harm to those we care for and ourselves. When we lack the tools and support to deal with these circumstances, the situation can become increasingly difficult to resolve and we may cause neglect or damage and emotional support counselling for social worker.

When ethical issues, moral dilemmas or emotional conflict arise, supervision may not always feel like the right space where you can discover more of yourself and your feelings surrounding your situation. It may not feel safe to share personal issues with your supervisor (as there may be consequences to consider). We provides emotional support counselling for social worker.

In my office you can share difficult emotions in a listening environment with the emotional support that can help you find the clarity you need to move forward without having to consider how this will impact your work.

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Counselling Therapists

Mental Health for Counselling Professionals, Frontline and First Responders

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